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  • How will I receive orders from my customers?
    We support multiple order notification implementations, with a tablet and small Bluetooth printer being the most widely used method. Below is a list of the ways in which we support order notification: - Tablet and printer - Email - Web portal - EPOS integrations All pf these options provide real-time order notification, and it is possible to use any combination of these together.
  • How will I receive payments from my customers orders?
    We support integrations with many 3rd party payment processors. During the onboarding process, we will assist you in the selection and account creation with a payment processor. Once set-up, payments made online by your customers will be disbursed into your nominated bank account via your selected payment processor. These funds are typically disbursed within 24-48 hours of each transaction. For customers who are paying upon collection, these transactions will be handled in your stores directly. It is possible to choose to accept online transactions only, in store payments only, or a combination of both.
  • Can my restaurant still work with aggregator apps?
    Yes, aggregator apps can be a great way of finding new customers for your business. We encourage businesses to use aggregator apps for this purpose. It is advisable not to rely on these apps for servicing your regular customers however. Below are some reasons why serving your regular customers with your own app/website is advisable: - Regular customers will order from you directly given the opportunity. - Aggregators advertise all of your competition. - Aggregators hold on to your customer's data. - Relying on aggregators erodes your brand.
  • Do you support restaurants with multiple stores?
    Yes, we offer full support for businesses with multiple outlets. This is typically one app and/or website that allows for selection/detection of the closest store to your customer at the time they are ordering. Each store can be independently managed and can have different menus.
  • Do you support delivery orders too?
    Yes, we support online ordering for both collection and delivery options. It is possible to offer both or either option. For delivery, customers are required to enter a postcode and your delivery radius is whatever you chose it to be. We now offer delivery-on-demand for restaurants that do not employ their own delivery drivers too!
  • Can we update our menu with changes?
    Yes, menu changes can be made directly and at any time through the My Orders customer portal. Any changes are immediately reflected in the web checkout and app experiences.
  • Is there any management dashboard to see order history?
    Yes, full ordering history reporting is provided and available through the My Orders customer portal
  • How do we access customer information for marketing and promotion?
    This can be accesses within the My Orders customer portal: For all customers that have opted into marketing communications, and given the appropriate consents when placing their initial order. The My Orders platform is GDPR compliant and enables compliance for all the customers that we work with.
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